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“My husband and I travelled to Greenville last week to get a feel for the area, since we’re looking for relocation options – NJ is getting too cold (in winters) and expensive for us, so South Carolina seemed to be a viable option for us. When we arrived, we drove around the neighborhoods surrounding Greenville, but we needed help in understanding the pros and cons of each area. We came across Mike’s postcard in the Greenville Visitor Center and contacted him. We received a very prompt response and appointment to suit our needs. Mike took us to all the key neighborhoods within Greenville County, pointing out little-known facts and hidden gems within each town. Because of Mike’s in-depth knowledge and ability to answer all our questions, we left Greenville with so much to think about, and a much better understanding of our options! If you are planning a visit to Greenville with the intent to relocate or retire there, Mike is a great contact to help you decide if this is the place for you!”

— Carolynn D.

“This was more than just a tour of Greenville, it was a life changer. My boyfriend & I had been playing with the idea of relocating from Miami, Florida to Greenville, South Carolina. So we decided to make the trip in early October of 2015 with my mother to look at neighborhoods, things to do, & just get a feel for the city. On our 2nd day in the city we found ourselves in Sully’s Steamed Bagel shop asking the cashier of good places to go out & discover. Even though we had a few places in mind, we didn’t feel confident that we’d make much of a dent in our 5 day trip. Then by some “divine appointment” Mike Cruice the owner of the company just so happened to be sitting a few chairs away. We all introduced ourselves & he took time on his day off to introduce us to Greenville. This isn’t your everyday tour guide. This is a man so filled with knowledge & passion for this city that you will fall in love with Greenville by the end of the tour. Needless to say, by December 26th of 2015 we were official residents of Greenville, South Carolina! Oh, and my mother will be joining us as well LOL!”

— Samantha G.

“My wife and I wish we met Mike sooner. We are getting ready to relocate to Greenville, SC, but we were unsure of the area. We drove down from NY to explore the area. We were completely lost. We went to the Welcome Center to try to find a map. As I left Mike from “Make Greenville Yours,” he asked me If I was moving down. I explained that we were, and he gave me his brochure. My wife and I decided to call him. He is very flexible on scheduling. Now the tour: First off, he comfortably fit my wife, 3-year-old, 1-year-old, and I in his tour vehicle with both baby seats and plenty of room. He even got all of us a bag of flavored popcorn of our choice from a local vendor for the trip. Then he equipped each of us with a map. The tour starts in downtown Greenville and circles the Greenville suburbia. What a tour, absolutely everything we could ask for and more! Mike educated us with his vast knowledge of Greenville, to include its in depth history, and current, past, and projected economic cycles. And not just of Greenville either, all of the surrounding towns! Because of his tour, my wife and I are 100% committed to moving. We are leaving in April. Not only was this a tour, it was an experience. I am completely certain God had me cross paths with Mike. I am a disabled veteran, and Mike put me in contact with several people and programs that could help me with finding a home and starting a business when we get down there. We highly recommend this tour to anyone looking to relocate to this area. This is a Professional, Family Friendly, and Caring Business.”

— John D.

“Whether you’re thinking about making Greenville your new home, or just want to feel like a true local, get to know Mike. His tour is the perfect place to start!”

— Mayor Knox White

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