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More than just sightseeing.
Learn about the soul of this city.

Any realtor or local can show you the sites around Greenville. In fact, with a map and GPS, you could show yourself the local landmarks.

Our relocation tours go beyond just showing you Greenville. We aim to tie together the past, present, and future of our city with what matters to you.

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Relocation Tours & Guide Services Greenville, SC | Make Greenville Yours | Greenville Tours

Get Moving Tour

3-hour driving tour
of downtown and the
surrounding area

Relocation Tours & Guide Services Greenville, SC | Make Greenville Yours | Greenville Tours

Get Acquainted Tour

1 ½ hour driving
& walking tour of
downtown Greenville

Relocation Tours & Guide Services Greenville, SC | Make Greenville Yours | Greenville Tours

Customized Tour

Personalized tours for
groups, realtors, companies, and hotels

Our Team

Hi, I’m Mike.
Let me help you get to know Greenville.

From his time in social work, to Prudential, to pastoring a local church, Mike’s always helped people.

Now, he wants to help people by sharing his wealth of information about and experience with Greenville.

He has ties to city leaders and cultural influencers, so he knows the latest news and the future development plans.

Meet the Team

Make the most of your visit

This isn’t just a tour. It’s about connecting people. We offer standard times for relocation tours, as well as custom tour options. We’re ready for Greenville to exceed your expectations.

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“Mike took us to all the key neighborhoods within Greenville County, pointing out little-known facts and hidden gems within each town. Because of Mike’s in-depth knowledge and ability to answer all our questions, we left Greenville with so much to think about, and a much better understanding of our options!”

— Carolynn D.

“This isn’t your everyday tour guide. This is a man so filled with knowledge & passion for this city that you will fall in love with Greenville by the end of the tour. Needless to say, by December 26th of 2015 we were official residents of Greenville, South Carolina!”

— Samantha G.

“What a tour, absolutely everything we could ask for and more! Mike educated us with his vast knowledge of Greenville, to include it’s in depth history, and current, past, and projected economic cycles. And not just of Greenville either, all of the surrounding towns! Because of his tour My wife and I are 100% committed to moving.”

— John D.

“Whether you’re thinking about making Greenville your new home, or just want to feel like a true local, get to know Mike. His tour is the perfect place to start!”

— Mayor Knox White

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If you’re interested in a particular facet of Greenville, let us know! We might be able to customize a tour just for you!

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