Meet the MGY Team

Mike Cruice

Founder & Greenville Enthusiast

Mike shares good things with other people. That’s just how he is. After moving here from Philly in 1986, he and his wife raised 4 children in Greenville and now enjoy experiencing the city with their 10 grandchildren. One day, sitting in a downtown restaurant, Mike heard a young couple talk about moving to Greenville. He offered to show them the area; they accepted; and Make Greenville Yours was born.

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Bonnie Cruice

Co-founder & Marketing Director

Bonnie moved to Philadelphia 10 years ago to pursue her marketing career across the financial and entertainment industries. She is now teaming up with her dad and his passion for her hometown to start their own relocation business. With Mike’s knowledge and passion for people and her expertise in marketing, this duo is excited to take on another challenge.

Katie Smith

Managing Editor

Katie Cruice Smith is a freelance writer and editor, who resides in Greer, a part of the Make Greenville Yours tour. Katie loves the area so much that she writes about it for her local newspaper, The Greer Citizen. Katie and her husband, Jamie, have adopted their three children, Hannah, Ephraim, and Harmony, and are planning to become foster parents as well. You can read more from Katie on her blog at

Michael DiJoseph

Finance Director

Michael grew up in Ocean City, New Jersey, and currently lives in Philadelphia, so he knows a good town when he sees one. He came with an interest in Greenville, and after Mike showed him around town with his contagious passion for the city, he left with a love. Now he’s our finance director. Michael’s background as a CFA charterholder and Investment Strategist for one of the largest financial firms has rounded out our great team.

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